Friday, October 12, 2012

Proof The Nobel Peace Prize Is a Fraud

The Nobel peace prize can be traced to the Nobel family, specifically Alfred whose picture is found on the actual medal.

origins of nobel

Alfred personally invented dynamite and owned a major weapons dealing company named Bofors, which  has since been acquired  by the multibillion dollar weapons manufacturing giant BAE Systems, a key player in the military industrial complex. Alfred also found Dynamit Nobel AG in 1865 which is still in operation, a multibillion dollar German chemical and weapons company.

The family was also involved in revolutionizing the oil industry, an industry infamously recognized to be stained with blood. Alfreds brother, Ludvig was the founder of Branobel, the foremost Russian oil industry
of its time, and launched the world's first diesel-driven tugs and tankers and also built the first European pipeline. The younger brother, Immanuel Nobel, was an engineer developer of underwater naval mines.

As you can clearly see the Nobel name and peace share very little in common.

People have began questioning the credibility of the award ever since Barack Obama received it shortly after taking office for basically sweet talking the world, yet soon after found himself involved in several wars not to mention his actions since - such as the signing of the NDAA.

The Nobel peace prize, however, has been awarded to individuals for controversial reasons in the past before. Henry Kissinger was given the award in '73 for his supposed work on the Vietnam Peace Accords, which was on outrage considering his involvement in the illegal bombings of Cambodia via Operation Menu. A former head of the the militant Zionist group Irgun, (considered by many as a terrorist group) Menachem Begin was given the award in '78, Al Gore who was awarded the Nobel in '07 for his documentary "An Inconvenient truth" which proved later to be filled with inaccuracies and hypocritically called for people to make efforts to conserve energy but In August 2006, Gore’s electricity bills revealed that in one month he burned through 22,619 kilowatts – more than twice what the average family uses in an entire year! [Pg. 17 "The Really Inconvenient Truths", Iain Murray] It is very sad that these men won were GIVEN  this peace prize when Mahatma Gandhi, despite being elected 5 times, was never awarded a Nobel.

For more controversial winners of the award check this list.

Considering the history of the Nobel "peace" prize is it really such a surprise that the EU has now received it? The only surprise here is that not more people come to see it for what it is... nothing more than a tool used for political propaganda by those that control the monopoly game that we call life.  

By Gavin Nascimento


  1. One more reason to ask the infamous question... WHY??

  2. Between 1865-1921 also dynamite was manufactured at the Nobel factory at
    Vinterviken in the outskirts of Stockholm. Working conditions weredangerous, and in the early years of development, there were manyexplosions and deaths. As a result of hosting almost a century of industry, Vinterviken is in fact, fraught with highly contaminated soil. This grim and violent past has left it’s mark. Nobel is most often remembered for creating a safer product, and celebrated for his contribution towards the peace and other prizes, but lying beneath the surface is another kind of legacy, This is toxic terrain. There are at least 10 different metals in the soils, among the highest concentrations are lead, copper, zinc and arsenic - some concentrations reaching over 28X the Swedish legal hazardous waste limits. The provincial government states that :“Vinterviken has been included on the list of the county’s 10 most polluted areas."
    the Nobel The Nobel Foundation plans to build an enormous Nobel Center in Stockholm. The whole site has to be excavated (with dynamite ?) down to 9 meters and large masses of clay and stone has to be transported through the fragile inner part of Stockholm.
    The center will, if built, demolish a maritime heritage of great cultural and historical value; a customs house built in 1876 and two unique warehouses built in 1910 and totally change the scape in this fragile old part of the city. Clothing company H&M is sponsoring with 400 milj. SEK. The Customs House has great historical value as a
    representative of late-19th-century government and administrative buildings in general and of Stockholm’s customs services, in particular. The warehouses are unique in Stockholm, since there are no longer any similar warehouses remaining at the harbour of Stockholm. Maybe it would be better to spend money to clean up after the old Nobel factory than to destroy the historic port environment for good

  3. The Nobel prize was created because Alfred Nobel was rightfully called "the death merchant" and he did not like that. Also another Nobel prize winner that did not deserve was Mother Theresa and Gandhi two very evil people for people that actually know history.

  4. And here´s the latest news:

    Ironically the Prize is still sponsored by the weapons industry in direct connection with Alfred Nobel´s own war indystry (Bofors Cannons)

  5. Bob Dylan was awarded the N-prize in literature but he won´t come to Stockholm to pick it up.
    If you listen to his "Masters of War" maybe you can find the reason ;-)