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There is no saying overlooked and taken for granted perhaps more than the simple phrase that "history repeats itself."

executive order 9066

On February 19, 1942 President Franklin D. Roosevelt issued Executive Order 9066 which saw to it that over 100,000 Japanese Americans, most of whom were American born citizens, were thrown into detention camps against their will. In the process they were forced to forfeit most of their material wealth and possessions and the few who did try resist were shot.

The event that "justified" this inexcusable government crime was the attack on Pearl Harbor by imperial Japan but any half decent independent researcher will tell you that the evidence reveals the attack was actually provoked by the U.S., Britain and Holland who forced Japan into a corner and threatened its people with starvation.

For those who are disillusioned by the ruling classes theatrics or at least better informed than the indoctrinated masses (as the Japanese Americans may have been if they had family in Japan), detainment camps are needed to suppress their possible revolt. The roots of this methodology are most visibly traced back to the French Revolution in the late 18th century.
Although shrouded in conspiracy, implicating organizations like the Freemasons and Adam Weishaupts  Illuminati, what is clear is that the French revolution, followed by the Napoleonic wars shook up the ruling elites (most notably the Bourbon elites) game of monopoly who were overthrown by the people. 

When Napoleon was eventually put down through the ruling elites combined efforts, for the first time in history they all came together and held a series of business meetings known historically as the congress of Vienna (a precursor to the League of nations and later the United Nations or perhaps more accurately the Bilderberg group and other like minded think tanks) and brainstormed on what they could do to prevent future uprisings that would threaten their power.

Through the famous Napoleonic code, feudalism and serfdom was abolished, people were given freedom of religion, right to property and equality before the law. This empowered the mentally enslaved masses and this was of course a threat to the grip the ruling class held over the minds of the people they exploited.

In response, the elites created secret police and enforced censorship of the media amongst other things. Since this time, almost 200 years ago, they have worked diligently to improve, strengthen and secure their power over the people and have succeeded to the point where very few truly comprehend how immensely powerful their control grid is today.

obey consume

I am writing this today because I foresee a grave threat to the globe in the form of America and NATO who are the most powerful military force in the history of the world. I believe they are looking to launch a war that could potentially be of global proportions AKA World War 3 and I believe it will be here in the very near future. This of course is not a revelation and is expected by many. But how many have truly considered that this war may come to their front door or that they may be thrown into detention camps and undergo "1984" style indoctrination? The signs are all there, what remains is just to connect the dots....

- Civilian Inmate Program established and revised under army regulation 210-35 - Jan. 2005 (PDF available online, search term "army regulation 210-35 pdf")

- The infamous KBR company is awarded a 385 mil. dollar contract by the DHS to build "detention camps" and help establish "the development of a plan to react to a national emergency." - Jan. 2006 (

- 20,000 US troops begin training for internal deployment and will be ready as early as 2011. - Dec. 2008 (

- HR 645, National Emergency Centers Establishment Act calls for "no fewer than 6 national emergency centers on military installations" to house "individuals and families dislocated due to an emergency." - Jan. 2009 (

- The DoD, partner of the DHS, names protests as "low level terrorism activity." - June 2009 (

- US military manual FM-3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement establish the foundation for "re-education camps" that will be implemented by "Psychological Operations Officers" who are to target "political activists." - Feb. 2010 (PDF available online, search term "US military manual FM-3-39.40 pdf")

- TruTv show host Jesse Ventura plans on airing proof of FEMA detention camps which is then cancelled by the network due to pressure from the DHS. - Dec. 2010 (

- On the last day of 2011, going against his word, Obama signed into law HR 1540, the National Defense Authorization Act for 2012 which gives him the power to detain US citizens indefinitely without trial if they are perceived terrorist threats the 2013 act is under review and is reportedly much worse. - Dec. 2011 (

- HR 347 is signed into law making it illegal to protest without "legal authorization" at the White house and other "restricted locations." - March 2012 (

- The DHS, which works internally in the US against perceived "domestic terrorism" buys 450 million rounds of armor piercing bullets for which it offers no explanation. - March 2012 (

- Executive Order 12472, Assignment of National Security and Emergency Preparedness Communications Functions act gives the DHS the power to control "commercial, government, and privately owned communications resources" in the event of an "emergency" giving the government the power to control civilian communications. - July 2012 (

- Possible terrorists according to the DHS and its partners include Ron Paul supporters, conspiracy theorists toward the West (9/11 was a cited example), protestors, people with Zeitgeist DVDs, people with anti-government bumper stickers, people who always pay in cash, people who buy more than a weeks worth of food, people who sweat alot, people who touch their face alot, people who have an "exaggerated yawn" in conversation, anger towards Western global policies, people who like their privacy too much, people who download "radical" content, people who read or share "revolutionary literature" and the list goes on. (, and, and PDF available, search term "miac strategic report 2/20/09 pdf")

All the links provided are from credible sources, which can be traced to the government and its partners....

From here obvious signs to look for include a "domestic terrorism" attack AKA false flag attack or gun control laws because a defenseless population is easily controlled, another method that has been used time and again in history. 

I would like to make it very clear that I am not trying to stir fear but in my personal opinion it is far more dishonorable to foresee danger coming and remain silent than it would be to point out the obvious.

Advocates of "the new age movement" may say that we should simply think happy thoughts and focus on the good to create change in the collective consciousness here on Earth. Although this has been scientifically demonstrated on smaller populations, at least according to what we have been told, it has not been put into practice on a global scale and therefore still remains theoretical. This being the case, I personally am not willing to literally bet my life, my families life or humanity on it as a fool proof plan, especially with a profoundly sick ruling class who have a talent for creating chaos and fear, as well their consciously driven and determined choices for creating our future as their slaves. By choosing to remain unconscious, ignorant and in turn silent, we only surrender to their will.

It is clear that the U.S. government is preparing for something very big and needs to mobilize the population. Being as such I highly recommend considering you and your families future. Whether or not you decide to stay or go is a choice only you can make my friends but this is a very serious decision and should not be overlooked simply because of the government and corporate controlled medias failure to uphold Truth.

I am aware that a global conflict cannot necessarily be avoided by the individual, in which case I would recommend (if you are considering moving overseas) looking into a neutral country that does not have a strategic location for conflict in the middle East, this will take time and research but is worth that time if you are seriously considering the possibility. If you choose to stay, I hope it is not motivated simply out of self but with family in mind, since this is not some bullshit Hollywood film my friends, this is real life and the criminal government in power has no regard for human life, just as the majority of the ruling class has not throughout history. But whether you stay or go it is time to stand up and speak out!

In conclusion I would like to add that my intention for sharing this perspective is rooted in purity and the unconditional Love I have for humanity, who although annoy the shit out of me at times with their painful ignorance, I believe to be good and are simply victims and prisoners of a Matrix like system established long before they arrived in this world which has given them little if any chance, to not just see the Truth, but even recognize it as such since they have only been afforded an environment of ignorance and darkness.

Whatever may be, remember that fear and ignorance are their most powerful forms of control. Therefore it is wise to remember that in the midst of movement and chaos we must keep stillness inside ourselves, our ability to reason and stay calm is imperative. Since ignorance is the other problem we face, knowledge is the simple solution and it will be found if you take the initiative to seek it out.

Our world needs heroes right now but not that bullshit image of a hero we have been conditioned into accepting by the master indoctrinator and the all mighty controller of perception, the TV, but rather every day people who are sick of this shit. Sick of working jobs they dislike so they can barely make rent or just sick of the fact that we even have to fucken pay to live on Earth?! Like it belongs to someone?? WTF is that?

People who are sick of piece of shit bankers, the most useless human beings on the planet manipulating our world,  controlling our lives with their monopoly paper crap, sick of being dicked over by their fellow man who has never learnt how to act because the closest thing they have ever gotten to a moral education comes from that piece of shit box in the living room, that teaches them how to act like a hollywood circus freak who is in cutthroat competition with everyone around them because of the conditioned need to compensate for their own insecurity which has subtly been enforced by the same damn piece of shit box they so love which tighten the chains that bind them daily.

We need people sick of having to actually battle to get poison out of their food and water, sick of animals being abused in factory farms, sick of being harassed by cops, sick of wars being fought over bullshit lies to make the super rich even richer, sick of friends and family losing their lives to addiction because they are trying to escape a fucked up world, in short if you are sick of this shit, take that anger and use it constructively to educate yourself and others because we are many and they are few and when we fully realize that we have the power and the possibility of a better world is very real, in fact it is much more real and natural than all this shit, then REAL change will come!

I know I personally I have had enough and I am truly sick of this bullshit but you know what? Before I look to the sky and ask why, as so many of us do I NEED to first look within and ask what can I do? It may not be everything but it is something and that is where REAL change is gonna come from my friends....

I do not have all the answers, only ideas, so please do not come at me with ill intent but rather share your ideas, write your blog, make a youtube video, in short... get involved... we are in this TOGETHER and until we unite we will always be ruled over and treated like slaves instead of free spirits on a free planet.

Please share this if you find the information to be relevant....

"The world is a dangerous place to live; not because of the people who are evil, but because of the people who don't do anything about it." - A. Einstein


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